Dog Training

Dog holding their paw to a person's hand.

Escape the Crate Training

Our thoughtful, goal-oriented curriculums are taught by our trainers to meet the needs of our clients. We factor in your schedule and specific goals to create the perfect program for you and your dog. Our training programs include your choice of on-leash or off-leash options.

German shepherds training

The Foundations

The Basics - On Leash  $995
Let us set the foundations of basic obedience.

On Leash

●      Recall/come (house or yard)

●      Sit/stay

●      Leave it

●      Loose leash walking

●      Calm greeting with people

Sit at doors (boundary training)

Puppy sniffing at treat held by person

Adventure Packages

The Adventure Package is offered in our Training Center at both our Boise and Garden City locations. The primary focus is to get your dog ready for off-leash adventures.

Off-Leash Training – $1850.00

●       Recall/come (from 30 yards)

●       Sit (from distance)

●       Down

●       Rock solid place (with distractions)

●       Calm greeting

●       Heel (with or without leash)

●       Leave it/off (no jumping or being mouthy)